Who Is The Best Dribbler Of All Time NBA?

Who has the most dribbles in history?

Lionel Messi has more successful dribbles in football than anyone else in the past 13 years, and his rival Cristiano Ronaldo is only fifth on the list.Lionel Messi – 1880 dribbles.


Eden Hazard – 1220.Franck Ribery – 939.Sergio Aguero – 832.


Cristiano Ronaldo – 816.


Joaquin – 798.Hatem ben Arfa – 770..

Who broke the most ankles in the NBA?

Top 10 Ankle Breakers In NBA HistoryChris Paul. … Rajon Rondo. … Steph Curry. … Jamal Crawford. … Tim Hardaway. … Michael Jordan. … Kyrie Irving. … Allen Iverson.More items…•

Who has the best handles in the world?

Jamal CrawfordJamal Crawford Has The BEST Handles In The WORLD! OFFICIAL Mixtape Vol 2!

Who is the king of free kick?

🎥 Juninho Pernambucano🎥 Juninho Pernambucano is officially the King of Free Kicks 👑 Andrea Pirlo, David Beckham, Lionel Messi.

Who has better handles Kyrie or curry?

Former NBA All-Star says Kyrie Irving has better handles than Stephen Curry. Kyrie! He has the better handles. … While Curry may be a better shooter, the Boston Celtics superstar point guard may have the edge over his Golden State Warriors rival in terms of handles.

What does Ankle Breaker mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ankle breakers are small but deep holes drilled into drawbridges, stone bridges, and other defensive fortifications, in order to allow a slow moving party to cross easily, while causing a running person to twist their ankle and fall.

Who is the best dribbler in the NBA 2020?

Here’s the rankings for the best basketball dribblers of 2020….4. James HardenSteve Nash.Allen Iverson.Oscar Robertson.John Stockton.

Who is the best basketball dribbler in the world?

Kyrie IrvingStephen Curry, James Harden, Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford are NBA guards with undoubtedly intimidating handles. But when it comes to the best dribbler in the NBA, the name Kyrie Irving seems to come up the most.

Who invented ankle breaker?

Allen IversonAllen Iverson popularized this move in the early 2000s.

Who is better Steph or Kyrie?

Steph is a better shooting point guard while Kyrie is a better driving point guard. … Steph shoots for volume too but he takes harder jumpers which explains his relatively average FG%. Both are great offensive point guards.

Which NBA player has the best handles?

Kyrie IrvingKyrie Irving has the best handles in the league right now and it’s not even close, as he’s shown with his ability to get between 3 defenders while dribbling the ball without turning it over and then finish with an acrobatic floater.

Who is the most skillful player ever?

Here are 15 of the most skilful footballers of all time doing what they do bestLionel Messi – Barcelona. … Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid/Manchester United/Portugal. … Neymar – Santos/Barcelona. … Eden Hazard – Chelsea. … Jay-Jay Okocha – Bolton. … Luis Suarez – Liverpool/Barcelona. … Kerlon – Brazil. … Johan Cryuff – Holland.More items…

Who is God of dribbling?

Neymar Jr – God Of Dribbling | Skills & Goals 2020 | HD.