Who Can Certify A Document In India?

How do you certify a document?

The authorised person must:Cite the original document and write on the copy “This is a true copy of the original documents cited by me”Sign and print their name.Provide an address and contact telephone number.State their profession or occupation group.Write the date certified.More items….

Who can certify documents in USA?

U.S. Public Documents: (1) Is a notary public authorized to execute certified true copies of documents, including vital records (birth, death, marriage records, etc.)

How do I make a true copy of a document?

To certify a document simply take a photocopied copy and the original and ask the person to certify the copy by:Writing ‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me’ on the document.Signing and dating it.Printing their name under the signature.Adding their occupation, address and telephone number.

Can a notary public certify a birth certificate?

As a general rule, Notaries cannot certify copies ​of birth, death or marriage certificates because these documents are vital records — public records that cannot be certified by a Notary Public.

Who can certify true copy of documents in India?

Any officer of notary or Nagar Sevak or SEO is not included in Gazetted Officer. There are two other categories Group C and Group D which includes non-gazetted officer. Group A and Group B can attest the documents. The attesting officer should attest the documents in blue ink only.

Who can certify a document in UK?

Who can certify a documentbank or building society official.councillor.minister of religion.dentist.chartered accountant.solicitor or notary.teacher or lecturer.