Which Comes First Next Or Then?

What are the 4 types of sequence?

Types of Sequence and SeriesArithmetic Sequences.Geometric Sequences.Harmonic Sequences.Fibonacci Numbers..

Do you use a comma after first next then?

Sequence words include first, next, then, after that, finally. … You can use a comma after the sequence words first, after that, next, and finally. However, you cannot use a comma after then.

Does first need a comma?

When we write sequence words like first, next, then, or last, we put a comma after those words. Sequence words are important when following directions so that we know exactly what to do first, second, third, and so on.

How do you punctuate then?

When then is pulled out to the front of the sentence and is being used to connect two sentences, it is called a “conjunctive adverb.” It takes a period or semicolon in front and no comma after because it is one syllable.

What is the meaning of after then?

after then means after the time you mentioned before. ex: My mother cleans the closet. After then, she cooks dinner for me. after then means after the time you mentioned before.

How do you use sequence in a sentence?

Sequence sentence examplesTo sequence corn’s genome took four years and cost US$30 million. … Dean, in turn, began trying to remember the time sequence in his own mind. … The best Silurian sequence is in New South Wales.More items…

What are the sequence words?

Sequence words are words that help us understand the order of events that are happening in the story. They tell us things like what happened first, what happened next, and what happened that was unexpected. Think of them as signal words that help us identify the next event in a story and the end of a story.

What is another word for sequence of events?

What is another word for sequence of events?chronologyorder of eventstimelinealmanacephemerisjournaldiaryscheduledatebooklog24 more rows

What can I say instead of first off?

What is another word for first off?firstfirstlyimmediatelyin the first placeprimoup frontfirst and foremostto begin withbefore all elseto start with5 more rows

What can I say instead of first of all?

What is another word for first of all?firstfirstlybefore anything elsebeforehandin the first placeforemostimmediatelyup frontprimofirst thing7 more rows

What are first then next called?

How to use sequencers in English: FIRST, THEN, NEXT, AFTER THAT, FINALLY. Sequencers are words that organize your writing and speaking, words like first , next , then , after that , and finally . We often use sequencers in English when we give instructions, describe a process, or tell stories.

Is then a connector?

Senior Member. English allows the connection of sentences with a mere comma. In the original statement, “then” is an adverb, and certainly not a conjunction. The statement connector is only the comma.

What comes after First off?

The introduction “Firstly,”, which is considered less formal, is sometimes used as a compromise when “First of all,” is too strong but “First,” seems understated. Second, many people consider “Second,” as a more correct or formal method to introduce the second point, but many people use “Secondly,”.

Can a sentence start with then?

Yes, you can start a sentence with then. However, the clause that begins with then should go last: She asked, “Could I have a drink of your water?” I said, “No, you can’t.” Then she walked away.

Is Secondly correct grammar?

It is not wrong to use firstly, secondly, and so on to enumerate your points. Nor is it wrong to use the simpler first, second, etc.