Where Can I Live Without A Car In The US?

What are the best small towns to live in?

Best U.S.

Towns With Fewer Than 10,000 ResidentsDecorah, Iowa.

Population: 7,594.Whitefish, Montana.

Population: 7,608.

Hood River, Oregon.

Population: 7,686.

Doylestown, Pennyslvania.

Population: 8,297.

Sitka, Alaska.

Population: 8,689.

Georgetown, South Carolina.

Population: 9,054.

Fairfield, Iowa.

Population: 9,892.


Sedona, Arizona.

Population: 10,000.

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Where can I retire without a car?

5 Great Places to Retire Without a CarCorvallis, Ore. Walk score: 48. Transit Score: N/A.Chapel Hill, N.C. Walk Score: 50.1. Transit Score: N/A.Pittsburgh, Pa. Walk Score: 60. Transit Score: 54.Boulder, Colo. Walk score: 56. Transit score: 49.Philadelphia. Walk score: 77. Transit score: 67.

Can you live in California without a car?

Yes, you can thrive in LA without a car! In the last year, Metro expanded public buses and trains to reach outlying areas, such as Long Beach and Arcadia, and by this time next year, you’ll be able to ride a train all the way from downtown LA to the Santa Monica Pier!

Can you live in Indianapolis without a car?

So if you live and work in ro near Downtown Indianapolis, or near or by one of the major area shopping malls, you can successfully live without a car. If you live anywhere else, you’ll find that you’ll either do a great deal of walking or you’ll be looking for a vehicle.

Can you live in Seattle without a car?

If you live in Seattle, you don’t really need a car, according to KIRO Nights Gee Scott and Drew Barth. … “If you live in Seattle, yes, you can live without a car,” Gee said. “If you live on the outskirts of Seattle, you can’t.”