What’S Another Word For Goof?

What does the word prescribe mean?

transitive verb.

1a : to lay down as a guide, direction, or rule of action : ordain.

b : to specify with authority.

2 : to designate or order the use of as a remedy prescribed a painkiller a prescribed burn to restore natural forest conditions.

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Is goof a real word?

A goof is a mistake. The term is also used in a number of specific senses: in cinema, it is an error or oversight during production that is visible in the released version of the film.

How do you describe a beautiful person?

Being beautiful – thesaurusbeautiful. adjective. a beautiful person is extremely attractive.glorious. adjective. very beautiful in a way that makes you feel happy.stunning. adjective. very impressive or beautiful.breathtaking. adjective. … gorgeous. adjective. … splendid. adjective. … exquisite. adjective. … elegant. adjective.More items…

How do you say someone is looking good?

beauteousattractive.bonny.comely.easy on the eyes.fine-looking.good-looking.gorgeous.handsome.More items…

What is the antonym of recommend?

detain, reserve, refuse, accept, discourage, mock, keep, castigate, insult, possess, own, censure, receive, retain, deny, humiliate, occupy, dissuade, hate, denounce, oppose, disregard, withhold, hold, reject, take, protest, condemn, dislike, debase, take over, criticize, blame, decrease, hold back, disapprove.

Is goof a Scrabble word?

GOOF is a valid scrabble word.

What is the best synonym for attractive?


What is another word for goof?

In this page you can discover 68 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for goof, like: blunder, fathead, err, flub, fail, bobble, faux-pas, misdo, ass, fool and idiot.

What’s another word for looks good?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for good-looking, like: easy-on-the-eyes, handsome, gorgeous, pleasing to the eye, bonny, stunning, beauteous, comely, pulchritudinous, lovely and fair.

What does goof mean?

1a : to spend time idly or foolishly —usually used with offgoofing off instead of working. b : to engage in playful activity —usually used with aroundgoofing around after school. 2 : to make a usually foolish or careless mistake : blunder —often used with up. transitive verb.

What is the opposite word of recommend?

As @breen and others have said, the standard phrasing for the opposite of I recommend is probably I advise against. But if you’re not really interested in specifying who advises against something, you might consider deprecate – to express earnest disapproval of.

What does goof mean in text?

to make a mistaketo make a mistake. I goofed. See more words with the same meaning: to make a mistake, be incorrect, err.

What is another word for recommend?

What is another word for recommend?suggestendorseadvocateproposeofferadvancecommendnominateposeproffer79 more rows

What does nincompoop mean?

informal. : a stupid or silly person : fool, simpleton …