What Career Cluster Is An Astronaut In?

Is stem a career cluster?

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Career Cluster® focuses on planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional and technical services, including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services..

What job can you get in STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) CareersCareersMedian Hourly Wage Median wage means the point at which half of all workers in the occupation earn less and half earn more. New employees are usually in the “earn less” half.Architects43.97 $43.97Surveyors33.92 $33.92Environmental Engineers41.8 $41.836 more rows

What are the 16 career clusters and pathways?

16 Career ClustersAgriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.Architecture and Construction.Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications.Business Management and Administration.Education and Training.Finance.Government and Public Administration.Health Science.More items…

What are career categories?

13 Career fieldsArchitecture and engineering. … Arts, culture and entertainment. … Business, management and administration. … Communications. … Community and social services. … Education. … Science and technology. … Installation, repair and maintenance.More items…•

What career cluster is a geologist in?

The Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Cluster® focuses on the essential elements of life—food, water, land, and air. This career cluster includes a diverse spectrum of occupations, ranging from farmer, rancher, and veterinarian to geologist, land conservationist, and florist.

What career cluster is an anesthesiologist in?

Health Science Save Table (XLS/CSV)Sort by: Career PathwayCodeOccupationTherapeutic Services29-1071.01Anesthesiologist AssistantsTherapeutic Services29-1061.00AnesthesiologistsTherapeutic Services29-1125.01Art TherapistsTherapeutic Services29-9091.00Athletic Trainers108 more rows•Aug 18, 2020

What career cluster is military in?

If you are interested in shaping or protecting the future of your city, state and country, the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster may be for you. Though there are some areas that are unique to military service, virtually every occupation can be found within government.

What career cluster is an economist in?

The roles in the Finance cluster are auditor, financial analyst, treasurer, economist, bank worker, debt counselor or insurance professional. Many of the jobs in the Finance career cluster require a bachelor’s degree or specialized certifications.

What jobs are similar to anesthesiologist?

Anesthesiologists – Similar JobsPharmacists.Physician Assistants.Podiatrists.Dentists.Medical Scientists.Family and General Practitioners.Surgeons.Veterinarians.More items…