Quick Answer: Why Snap On Is So Expensive?

Are old snap on tools worth anything?

Rarity alone does not mean a tool is valuable.

Generally, the tools that still have a function (sockets, ratchets and wrenches) have a value.

Generally tools in sets are more desired than a single tool.

So an old 1950s socket set has value, a 1950 headlight beam focus tool does not..

Is Blue Point owned by Snap on?

Blue Point is a lower-end tool brand of Snap-On. They are made with the Snap-On specifications but different finish. Though Snap-On owns Blue Point, manufactures are contracted to make Blue Point tools. Blue Point tools do not have a Snap-On name on them.

What is the markup on Snap On Tools?

about 50%If you buy several grand worth of tools off his truck every year for a few years, he still isn’t likely to give you a discount on Snap-On made tools, although he might cut you a break on Snap-On branded tools. Their markup is usually about 50% believe it or not.

Is snap on Worth the Cost?

And everyone was saying they were hands down better than any of the standard Craftsman brand tools. If youre a professional mechanic or collision tech, then they are worth the money. They are machined just that much better, the wrenches and sockets grab the bolt better and are less likely to round it.

What is the most expensive Snap On Tool?

Description. The most expensive Snap-On Toolbox is the massive EPIQ Series Bed Liner Top Roll Cab with Power Drawer. It is the most expensive model made by Snap-On at just under $30,000.

Can you trade in Snap On Tools?

Re: Snap-on trading You want as much as you can. They dont just trade in any tools you have. They only take it if they know they can move it for a profit. They sell tools and thats how they make their living, so they only do it if its worth their time.

Do Snap On Tools have serial numbers?

Most Snap-On boxes have the model number and a date code stamped on them. … There will be a KR number stamped on the back of the unit. Using that you can find it on the collecting snapon website.

Is snap on a good brand?

Snap-On is the best hand tools on the market. The warranty is outstanding. The company’s biggest downfall is the price. Sure it is great.

Is Matco cheaper than snap on?

If you buy them new, Matco ratchets aren’t cheaper than SO. I have all Matco ratchets, I love them, I just can’t justify the cost of Snap-On for me only being a weekend warrior in the garage.

Is snap on better than craftsman?

Snap-on’s are definitely the best in terms of quality, but they’re far more expensive than brands like craftsman. Most nicer tool brands have the replacement warranty, but professional mechanics can’t afford to spend the time to go replace it, so Snap-on makes tools that just don’t break.

How old is snap on tools?

About 100 years (1920)Snap-on/AgeSnap-on was founded as the Snap-on Wrench Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann. The business manufactured and marketed ten sockets that would “snap on” to five interchangeable handles.

What company makes snap on tools?

Danaher also manufactures MatCo Tools, the third largest player in the Mobile Automotive industry (behind MAC and Snap-On).

Is Bahco made by Snap on?

Bahco is a Swedish brand within the hand tool industry, which is now part of SNA Europe, part of Snap-on. … Since then, the product range has expanded with a total assortment of products that today includes over 7000 hand tools.

Does snap on Own Harbor Freight?

Snap-on Inc. is now majority owned by Harbor Freight Co.

Where are Husky tool chests made?

Its slogan is “The toughest name in tools.” Home Depot also carries a higher end line of tools marked Husky Pro. Husky hand tools were formerly manufactured exclusively in the United States but are now largely made in China and Taiwan. All Husky hand tools have a lifetime warranty.