Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Crispy?

Is Crispy a real word?

adjective, crisp·i·er, crisp·i·est.

(especially of food) brittle; crisp..

What is the difference between crispy and crunchy?

As adjectives the difference between crispy and crunchy is that crispy is having a crisp texture; brittle yet tender while crunchy is likely to crunch, especially with reference to food when it is eaten. … crispy (adj.) having a crisp texture; brittle yet tender.

What is the opposite of crunchy?

Opposite of likely to crunch, especially with reference to food when it is eaten. soggy. flexible. pliable. solid.

What’s another word for crispy?

Similar words for crispy: breakable (adjective) crisp (adjective) crunchy (adjective) crusty (adjective)

What is the antonym of soggy?

What is the opposite of soggy?cheapcooldryeasyeffortlessfacilelightmindlesssimplesoft1 more row

What does the word soggy mean?

1 : saturated or heavy with water or moisture: such as. a : waterlogged, soaked a soggy lawn. b : heavy or doughy because of imperfect cooking soggy bread.

What things are crunchy?

9 Healthy Crunchy SnacksPopcorn. “A few cups of air-popped or low-fat popcorn is a healthy way to satisfy that crunch craving. … Roasted chickpeas. … Almonds and pumpkin seeds. … Cereal. … Trail mix. … Frozen grapes. … Crudités. … Baked pita or tortilla chips.More items…•

What crunchy means?

Crunchy is a term used to refer to someone’s way of life. It generally means that someone adheres to a hippie-like lifestyle or has more liberal views about life. … This has to do with the stereotype in the 1970s that hippies like to eat granola.

Are apples crispy or crunchy?

Whereas something like a nut, which you chew with your back teeth, would fall into the crunchy category (e.g., crunchy peanut butter). There are, of course, exceptions. An apple can be both. It’s crispy upon first bite and then crunchy for the remainder of that experience.

What is a crunchy mom?

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Crunchy Mom’ is defined as, A member of an increasingly growing group of moms who are neo-hippies. They generally believe (for varying reasons) that there is something bad or less beneficial about buying mainstream products or doing other common activities in the mainstream way.

What is the opposite of crispy bacon?

Another word for crispy. Top antonyms for crispy (opposite of crispy) are soft, wet and slick. .

How would you describe crunchy?

adjective, crunch·i·er, crunch·i·est. crisp; brittle. Slang. crunchy-granola.

What does Soggy Bottom mean?

Soggy bottom: A major pet peeve of judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, a soggy bottom befalls a baker when the pastry portion of a pie is under-baked (or as Paul puts it, “oonderbaked”), or a filling is so juicy that is soaks the bottom of the shell.

What’s another word for moist?

Some common synonyms of moist are damp, dank, humid, and wet. While all these words mean “covered or more or less soaked with liquid,” moist applies to what is slightly damp or not felt as dry.

What does the slang word crispy mean?

Definition of crispy burnt out or deadbeat. Some totally crispy guy kept asking me if I had any weed.