Quick Answer: Do Ofsted Inspectors Look For Health And Safety Issues?

What do Ofsted inspectors look for?

In schools, inspectors will look at how a school contributes to pupils’ broader development, including development of their character, good citizenship skills and resilience..

What triggers a Section 5 Ofsted inspection?

However, some good schools will automatically receive a section 5 inspection if Ofsted’s risk assessment process indicates that the school’s performance may have deteriorated significantly, or when a school has undergone significant change, such as in its age range.

What are the 3 is Ofsted?

They unpick the new guidance from Ofsted, centring on curriculum intent, implementation and impact: the essential ‘three Is’ that all schools need to be able to plan for and articulate. … They also describe how schools can achieve the ‘three Is’ using the Cornerstones Curriculum.

What is a short Ofsted inspection?

Short inspections are a proportionate approach to inspecting good (and non-exempt outstanding) maintained schools and academies. They last for one day and begin with the assumption that the school remains good or outstanding.

What are reported to be some of the problems with Ofsted?

Unfortunately each Ofsted framework has the same problem: because of the high stakes nature of the accountability system where what is seen as a poor Ofsted can finish a head’s career, damage the financial sustainability of the school, further exacerbate the problem in recruiting staff, etc, etc, schools treat the …

How do I survive an Ofsted inspection?

In less than three years I have helped teachers and leaders prepare and tackle almost 20 Ofsted inspections….The day before….Save energy. Try not to stay too long at school the night before an inspection. … Last check on work scrutiny samples. … Quick tidy up. … Organise child care.

What is a Section 48 Ofsted inspection?

Although the section 48 inspector will inspect acts of collective worship or those lessons designated as providing denominational religious education, section 5 inspectors and section 8 inspectors who monitor groups of schools, such as those causing concern, may attend acts of collective worship, and may observe …

How effective is Ofsted?

94% proportion of planned school inspections that OfSTED completed in 2017-18, compared with 84% in 2016-17 and 65% in 2015-16. … As a result of decisions by the Department and OfSTED, the level of independent assurance about schools’ effectiveness has reduced.

What is the difference between a Section 5 and a Section 8 Ofsted inspection?

Ofsted can only change judgements under a section 5 full inspection. … However, whereas most good schools used to receive a ‘short’ section 8 inspection (lasting just a day), from September 2019, section 8 inspections of good schools will last two days.

How long is an Ofsted inspection cycle?

Providers on the Early Years Register will ususally be inspected within the first 30 months of registration, and then at least once in every inspection cycle. The current inspection cycle runs from 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2020.

Do Ofsted look at health and safety?

Although Ofsted is not a security/HSE regulation authority and there is no set criteria for evaluating health and safety, it plays a large part in your School’s inspection. 2016 guidance given to Ofsted inspectors makes numerous references to the safeguarding and security of pupils, staff and visitors.

What does Ofsted stand for UK?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

Do Ofsted inspect independent schools?

Most independent schools which are not members of the ISC are inspected by Ofsted; others are inspected by the School Inspection Service (SIS). … The inspections are for the benefit of the students and seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of their education.

What are the four Ofsted areas?

So the four Ofsted inspection categories will be:Quality of education.Behaviour and attitudes.Personal development.Leadership and management.

What do Ofsted inspectors get paid?

Salary & benefits As a full time inspector working for Ofsted, your salary would range from between £40,000 to £70,000, depending on your ability, location and experience. If you were only employed as a temporary inspector, you could expect a fee of around £1,600 per week employed.

What are Ofsted looking for in childminders?

For childminders already registered, your inspection will be graded. Ofsted inspection of early years providers will focus on children’s education and their personal and emotional development and the progress children make in their learning. The results of the graded inspections are published on the Ofsted website.

How do I get an Ofsted inspection?

However, it can:Call an immediate inspection at short notice in response to a very serious complaint.Order the school to call a meeting of parents to be chaired by an inspector.Require a school, early years setting, or local authority to provide information.More items…•

You must: make sure your premises and equipment are safe and suitable for childcare. make sure that no-one can enter the premises without the knowledge of someone looking after children. have a suitable place to prepare food, if you provide it; any food you provide must be properly prepared, wholesome and nutritious.