Question: What Is A Positive Cervical Distraction Test?

What does a positive cervical compression test mean?

The Spurling test is used to help diagnose cervical radiculopathy.

If you feel any pain during the test, it’s considered a positive result.

This means you may have cervical radiculopathy.

A normal result means you don’t feel any pain and suggests you don’t have cervical radiculopathy..

What does positive Spurling sign mean?

A positive Spurling’s sign is when the pain arising in the neck radiates in the direction of the corresponding dermatome ipsilaterally. It is a type of cervical compression test. Patients with a positive Spurling’s sign can present with a variety of symptoms, including pain, numbness and weakness.

What is Bakody sign?

Purpose: To assess for cervical radiculopathy at the levels of C4-C6. Test Position: Sitting. Performing the Test: Either have the patient actively, or you as a clinician passively, place the patient’s hand on top of his/her head. A decrease in pain is a positive test.

What kind of doctor do I see for cervical radiculopathy?

Although radiculopathy may be suspected or diagnosed by the person’s primary care physician, the condition should be treated by an experienced neurosurgeon.

What is Adson’s test?

Adson’s sign or Adson’s maneuver is used to diagnose thoracic outlet syndrome. The clinician has the patient extend their neck and turn their head to the side that is being tested. The patient then holds their breath and the radial pulse is palpated.