Question: What Does You Little Sod Mean?

What does sod a dog mean?

Sod-a-dog definitions (UK, mildly vulgar) Expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration..

What does bloody sod mean?

Slang (chiefly Brit) to ruin, complicate, or frustrate. 7 Slang to tire; weary.

What does poor sod mean?

1. used for saying that you feel sorry for someone. Everyone was laughing at the poor sod.

What does sod all mean?

British, informal + impolite. : nothing at all You’ve done (sweet) sod all to help me!

What is sod short for?

SODAcronymDefinitionSODSleep of Death (computer slang)SODSystem of a Down (band; more commonly seen as SOAD)SODSoldiers of Despair (gaming clan)SODSean O’Driscoll (British football manager)93 more rows

Is sod a bad word?

Let’s stick with use of the word sod or sodding. This is a middling level swear word but context is king. … So bugger and sod originate in the words buggery and sodomy or anal sex, the swear words have little to do with this and most people who use them probably don’t know where they come from.

Where does the phrase sod off come from?

‘Sod off’ is a mid 20th century term which parallels the early 20th century ‘bugger off’. It is an example of the traditional British-English way of forming ‘oaths’. Take any profanity and add ‘off’ to make an impolite way of saying ‘go away’, or add ‘up’ to form a phrase meaning a mistake.

What does punter mean in British slang?

a chiefly British : a person who gambles especially : one who bets against a bookmaker. b : a person who uses a punt in boating.

What does Bullocks mean in the UK?

(used with a singular or plural verb)British Slang: Vulgar. rubbish; nonsense; claptrap (often used as an interjection).

What does calling someone a sod mean?

/sɒd/ /sɑːd/ ​(British English, taboo, slang) used to refer to a person, especially a man, that you are annoyed with or think is unpleasant. You stupid sod!

What does git mean in British slang?

Git is a term of insult with origins in English denoting an unpleasant, silly, incompetent, annoying, senile, elderly or childish person.

Is Bloody a cuss word in England?

Still, to Americans bloody remains the quintessential British swear word, and one of the only ones they have not adopted themselves (except when they’re being pretentious or ironic). Both countries share a fascination with swear words’ that reference the male anatomy.