Question: Do IRS Officers Get Foreign Postings?

What rank is required for IRS?

2017: The last Rank to get IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etcServiceGENERALOBCIPS245632IRS(IT)329706IRS (C&CE)358726IAAS3797402 more rows.

Which is the highest post in income tax department?

Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. Rs. 80,000 (fixed)Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. Rs. 75,500-80,000.Principal Commissioner of Income Tax. Rs. … Commissioner of Income Tax. Rs. … Additional/Joint Commissioner of Income Tax. Rs. … Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax. Rs. … Assistant Commissioner of income Tax. Rs.

What is the salary of an IRS officer?

IRS Salary Structure, Job ProfileDesignationPay ScaleAdditional Commissioner of Income TaxINR 37400 – 67000 + Grade Pay of INR 8700Commissioner of Income TaxINR 37400 – 67000 + Grade Pay of INR 10000Principal Commissioner of Income TaxINR 75000 to INR 80000Chief Commissioner of Income TaxINR 75000 to INR 800004 more rows

Is IAS or IRS better?

An IAS is the administrative head of almost all the departments in the Central and State Governments. The facilities and perks an IAS officer gets are superior to that of an IRS officer’s. … For instance, an IAS officer can become a Commissioner in about 16 years whereas an IRS officer can take about 20-22 years.

Are IRS officers corrupt?

Despite being specialists, they are relegated to the margins The officers are not corrupt, nor did they abuse any Minister or any functionary of the government.

Can IRS officer get home cadre?

Generally, an IAS/IPS officer cannot get his home cadre. However, there is a very slim chance of it. This is possible only if you get a very high rank and then there are vacancies in your home state for your category in that year. In addition, you should have given your first preference as your home state.

What is the starting salary of IRS officer?

Hierarchy of IRS officers along with their salaries For Deputy Commissioner-level officers, pay scale is Rs. 15,600-39,100+grade pay Rs. 6,600 and Rs. 15,600-39,100+grade pay Rs.

How many IRS officers are selected every year?

180 officersGovernment silently accepted the recommendation of the Baswan Committee and hence each year around 180 officers are recruited each year. This trend will continue until the year 2020.

Where do IRS officers get posted?

Title: Postings of IRS Officers There is the next thing which comes into everyone’s mind, where are the postings, As I told you that there are 18 regions, so postings are mainly on the basis of your performance in the CSE and on those basis initial postings are granted in the National Academy of Direct taxes.

Do IRS officers get cars?

Most IRS officers are provided house and official vehicle Most IRS officers are generally provided a house or a quarter along with a car for official purposes. … If a house isn’t provided, officers can get a decent House Rent Allowance (HRA).

Do IAS officers get foreign postings?

There are 5,004 Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers working across the country, according to the DoPT’s latest data. … “Those who do not submit property details on time will not be considered for any posts of the Central government including foreign postings,” a senior DoPT official said.

Do IRS officers have uniform?

Uniform: No uniform for IRS-IT. But for IRS-C&CE ,the khaki for central excise with stars on the shoulders and I.R.S.